We turn every online shopping activity into climate-conscious action

Our mission is climate action.

That´s why we create climate impact transparency for products in a complete new way, on scale and accessible for everyone. Because insights enable action. 
And transparency enables better choices.


At Yook, we not only believe in the climate-friendly future of e-commerce, we believe in the power of data, transparency and collaborative action.



Varena Junge & Antoine Verger

Climate activist and entrepreneur Varena met Antoine, software engineer with e-commerce expertise in 2020 - together they are the perfect fit to enable effective yet simple climate action for online shops.

Our goals

Impact first

Less talk, more action. We are laser-focused on solutions that drive impact - from carbon reductions to offsets.

Maximum simplicity

Developing smart solutions that are simple and therefore have a big impact. Minimal invasive, maximum effective.

Always one step ahead

Technology can change the world. At Yook, we strive for products that use technical advancements for the better.

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