Understand and reduce the carbon footprint of your products

Every product has an ecological impact.
We help you to understand the details and act on the hot spots.

Make your brand a leading force in regard to carbon transparency.



Understand your carbon hot spots across your product portfolio

We give you access to information about the environmental impact of all your products. On this basis, you can make more informed decisions. 



Identify carbon emission drivers of your products

We enable you to understand the carbon footprint of your product portfolio and reduce it sustainably, step by step. 

Reduce your products carbon footprint

We provide you with detailed recommendations that help you avoid, reduce or offset the carbon emission of selected products.


Engage with your customers

Customers demand climate action. Become a leading force and offer them the carbon transparency they want. 

Use our carbon footprint simulator during the product design phase

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A product carbon footprint matters.
And can help you focus on where change creates most impact.


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Simple to use, yet packed with science.

Collects data automatically and works with impartial data. No manual data entry required.

Fills data gaps for you. Using science-based parameters and product-specific industry standards.

Based on international carbon accounting initiatives. Such as GHG Protocol, Science-based Targets, ISO 14067 and ISO 14044.

Integrates smoothly with existing corporate carbon accounting schemes and advances GHG Scope 3 reporting.

Ready to get started?

Excite your customers with carbon transparency and a clear commitment to act on climate change. All it takes is a few clicks!