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Product Page Carbon Display


Display the product environmental footprint of your products in your store

Display meaningful data instead of unclear certificates to give your customers the data they need to make sustainable buying decisions. Offer detailed insights for those who want to dive deeper


Show your customers how sustainable your products already are

We compare the product environmental  footprint of your products with the industry standard and highlight factors that have a strong influence on the sustainability of a product, such as the use of recycled materials or production with renewable energies.

Product Carbon Benchmarking

Click for Climate

Compensate the carbon footprint of your order by adding a climate contribution of 0,60 to your cart.

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Offer carbon offsetting during checkout

With our no-code plugin, your customers can offset the product environmental footprint of their purchases with just one click at checkout. For CO2 compensation, we work with a small group of handpicked climate protection partners who take a holistic approach to CO2 compensation and ensure maximum transparency. 


Drive customer engagement by taking action

Offset the CO2 emissions of selected products yourself and create incentives for your customers to follow your example. 

Product CO2 Compensation
Climate Communication


Share your impact and build customer loyalty

Yook offers a personalized impact page for the climate communication to help you share your positive climate impact to increase brand value, customer loyalty and referrals.

Ready to get started?

Inspire your customers and commit to a climate-friendly future. 

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