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Why is carbon compensation important?

To achieve our climate goals, carbon emissions from the atmosphere must be reduced. While we ideally reduce them at the source, this is not always possible. Carbon offsetting enables us to reduce unavoidable carbon emissions by

investing into carbon reduction projects 

instead. Yook enables carbon offsetting by financing climate protection projects worldwide. To ensure long-term success,

all our handpicked projects follow a holistic approach.

Effective climate impact through carefully selected projects

Based on the “Oxford Principles for Net-zero Aligned Carbon Offsets”

Environmental integrity

The project demonstrates effective climate protection based on scientific evaluation standards.

Long-lived storage

The project has strategies in place to ensure long-term storage of the carbon removed.

100% transparency

The positive effects on the climate are traceable and the project communicates honestly about highlights and challenges.

Holistic approach

The project contributes to social, ecological and economic developments in the region.


We help you reduce your product-related emissions by providing you the carbon data for your products.

Our projects

Climate protection by reforestation in Borneo through Fairventures Worldwide.


Sustainable forestry on Borneo

Selected initiatives, certificates and institutions that we work with

Image by John Modaff

What we achieved so far


Climate Contributions


tons carbon compensated


m2 forest reforested

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