Empowering sustainable choices with transparent footprints

Utilize Yook's carbon footprint badge to provide clear, actionable sustainability insights for your customers.

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Climate badge

Showcase sustainable product insights

Yook's Climate badge offers precise, customizable sustainability insights, enabling straightforward integration and informed purchasing decisions for your customers.

Showcase entire product portfolios

Display clear, verified carbon footprints for all products, providing detailed insights to empower informed, sustainable purchasing decisions.

Seamlessly integrate carbon footprints

Effortlessly integrate with a simple code snippet, enabling quick implementation into any webshop with minimal design effort.

Customize your display

Enjoy full customization to align with your brand, ensuring the badge fits seamlessly into your corporate identity.

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Accuracy score

Elevate your sustainability communications

Yook's Accuracy Score is foundational to our commitment to transparency in sustainability communications. This tool meticulously assesses data quality and availability, covering everything from individual product details to comprehensive supplier and emission factors. By rigorously evaluating the relevance of each data point, it ensures that the sustainability insights you share are not only accurate but also meaningful. This rigorous approach helps enhance stakeholder trust and ensures that your communications effectively reflect your sustainability efforts. With Yook, you can confidently assert the reliability of your environmental claims, staying ahead of regulatory demands and reinforcing your commitment to genuine sustainability.

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Data foundation

Reliable data for trusted communication

Enhance customer engagement with Yook's solid data foundation and transparent methodology. Our platform offers extensive access to detailed product and supply chain metrics, supporting your use of the Yook carbon footprint badge to deliver clear, actionable sustainability insights. Equip your communications with confidence, backed by the most reliable data for promoting your eco-friendly efforts.

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