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Update on my journey - next challenge ahead

I´m starting a new (ad)venture! I simply have to seize this opportunity: Next to the energy sector, there are so many industries that need to become more sustainable. Amongst those, e-commerce is one of them. The one I want to tackle next.

Why I decided to move on

  • I see this huge problem and market opportunity in enabling sustainable e-commerce through tech-based solutions

  • I want to expand my mission to drive sustainability and to fight climate change beyond the energy sector

  • There is an excellent team in place at enyway! enyway just launched a new, awesome product and I couldn't be prouder of the whole team that pulled it off

  • I'll keep supporting enyway as a strategic advisor and a member of the board

My decision to move on to another project and to give up my original role at enyway results from intensive and inspiring conversations with people within and outside of enyway. At the beginning of this year, I sat down with my co-founders and the product, marketing, bizdev and sales people that worked closest with me as well as the enyway shareholders. Together, we drafted a setup that allows me to dedicate my time to my new venture, while making sure enyway is in the best hands. Thanks to great colleagues led by my incredible co-founders, this is more than ensured. I´d like to especially thank Heiko, Andreas, Mara, Kathrin, Julia, Franziska, Nils and our shareholders - I´m very grateful for your support and for making this work!

Listing all the reasons, why it's really hard to leave enyway, would be tl;dr.

In a nutshell, these are the most important ones…

  1. #purpose - speeding up the energy transition in Germany, that's why we started working on the enyway idea. A mission that is relevant as ever and that enables us to shape a climate-friendly future.

  2. #culture - empowered teams, agile mindset, transparency and shared responsibility, expectations that are not always easy to live up to. I´m proud of the time and room we dedicate to enable the trust, growth and fallbacks that are an on-going part of maintaining our culture.

  3. #cofounders - I really learned to appreciate our differences, not just in age, gender and previous experience, but in the different perspectives we put on the table where our background never counted. Only the best idea or argument. We managed to challenge each other while making sure to stay aligned on core issues.

  4. #team - it's easy while times are great, but especially in challenging times, I felt like we had the best people on board that any startup could wish for. Colleagues that act with an entrepreneurial spirit, that have our back even in tough calls, that are a joy to work with, who I can learn from. People that made me want to become the best leader possible.

  5. #learning - again and again I had to jump into cold water and learn to swim. I had to deal with failures, learn from them and keep striving forward towards my vision. It´s not comforting in that exact moment, but it´s addicting.

As a company, enyway is in a powerful position, and I am absolutely enthusiastic about enyway´s future. I truly believe in this company’s purpose and mission. As for me, I will accompany enyway on its exiting journey as a member of the board and strategic advisor.

Thanks won't cut it, but anyway: Thanks for this amazing adventure, dear enyway team!

From now on my new motto is: Let´s yook this! Learn more about my new venture Yook on our website.

Looking forward to what's next,


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