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Understand and steer the carbon footprint of your products

90% of e-commerce emissions come from the products sold. We help you combat this impact.


Understand the carbon footprint of your product portfolio

We give you access to information about the carbon footprint of all your products. On this basis, you can make more informed decisions about which products you want to offer in your online store today and in the future. 

Product Carbon Cockpit
Climate Action Cockpit


Keep track of all relevant carbon related data

We enable you to understand the carbon footprint of your product portfolio and reduce it sustainably, step by step. Stay ahead of all relevant KPIs, identify hotspots and explore reduction potentials in no time.


One platform. Many benefits.

Gain insights

Gain insights about the CO2 emissions of your product portfolio with zero effort.

Identify hotspots

Scan your product portfolio to identify high and low climate impact products.

Understand the life cycle

Understand relevant CO2 emission factors during the life cycle of your products.

Increase data accuracy

Increase dat accuracy with automated data collection. No manual data input required.

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Ready to get started?

Inspire your customers and commit to a climate-friendly future. 

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