Understand, reduce and benchmark the carbon footprint of your products

Every product has an ecological impact.
We help you to understand the details, benchmark the results and act on the hot spots. 
Our software enables you to drive carbon transparency and spend more time on climate action instead of endless hours of data collection.

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Understand your product-related carbon emissions

We give you access to information about the climate impact of all your products. On this basis, you can make more informed decisions. 



of a companies carbon emissions come from their products and services



Vergleichen und kommunizieren

Wir stellen relevante Benchmarks zur Verfügung, um zu sehen, wie einzelne Produkte im Vergleich abschneiden. Unsere Daten können außerdem genutzt werden, um CO2-Transparenz für deine Kund:innen zu schaffen und gemeinsam CO2-Emissionen zu kompensieren.


Real positive impact

Use our toolkit to implement targeted carbon reduction and offsetting measures at product level. Stand out from the crowd with transparent data and product responsibility in practice.



Data transparency
on a new level

Understand the carbon footprint of your product portfolio. Our algorithm determines the necessary data automatically. This saves you manual effort in data research and gives you more time to focus on actions.



der Kunden unterstützen Unternehmen, die sich für Klimaschutz einsetzen

Was macht unsere
Produkt-CO2-Analyse so genau?

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The first calculation is based on your product data

Your product data is automatically captured by our API. This works for all product portfolio sizes and even if your product data is incomplete.

Missing data is substituted by product-specific estimates. 

For example, if the weight of a

product is not specified, we assume

a weight based on the product category, material, or size.

We fill in last data gaps from our product database

Our database is compiled by hundreds of already evaluated carbon footprints, taking into account the most recent scientific publications and standards.

Mach' heute den ersten Schritt zu mehr CO2-Transparenz!