Understand the lifecycle impact of your design choices

Utilize Yook's data models to make smarter design, material, and sourcing decisions throughout product development

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Streamline Ecodesign with advanced lifecycle simulations

Transform product engineering with detailed environmental insights, facilitating smarter decision-making and compliance with ease.

Make informed decisions across multiple criteria

Gain actionable insights considering carbon footprint, cost, and other critical factors simultaneously to support better decision-making.

Visualize your entire supply chain

Use Yook’s advanced modeling to simulate the complete lifecycle of any product, identifying material, supplier, and process gaps quickly and accurately.

Simplify reporting and disclosures

Export visualizations and data for reports, internal systems, offline calculations, or presentations. Share simulated LCA data with customers and stakeholders directly from Yook or publish selected results.

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Everything you need to design better products

Strategic support

Access reliable environmental data and expert guidance to foster transparency and innovate sustainably for informed decision-making.

Seamless integrations

Integrate eco-design into your workflow, streamline processes with ERP, PIM, and PLM systems, and engage suppliers for holistic sustainability.

Flexible implementation

Customize our solution to your needs, start with key features, and scale seamlessly as your sustainability initiatives and organization grow.

data doundation

Driving sustainable innovation

Harness the power of Yook's comprehensive data to inform eco-friendly design choices. With access to industry-leading product and supply chain data, Yook enables designers and engineers to optimize for sustainability from the ground up. Our platform's integration of detailed industrial processes, environmental impacts, and material properties ensures that your team has the critical insights needed to innovate responsibly and efficiently. Equip your design process with the best available data to pioneer advancements in sustainable product development.

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