Run life cycle assessment for all your products in minutes not months

Yook´s LCA engine simplifies assessing your products´ environmental footprint to help you navigate all relevant regulations.

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LCAs at scale

Detailed environmental impact insights at your fingertips

Leverage our powerful LCA engine for comprehensive, science-backed analyses of your products' life cycles, ensuring data completeness and accuracy with standards-compliant methodologies.

Full life cylce analysis

Conduct in-depth assessments of your products, covering all stages from raw material extraction to disposal.

Gapless data intelligence

Our advanced heuristics fill data gaps when primary data is missing, ensuring reliable footprint measurements. We use trusted sources, including Ecoinvent, ADEME, and industry-specific technical standards.

Science-backed LCA engine

Yook's LCA engine adheres to global standards, offering precise footprint measurements across a product's life cycle. Built on ISO 14040, GHG protocol, and the EU's PEF standard, it ensures top-tier accuracy and transparency.

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Data foundation

Unparalleled access to environmental data

Empower your sustainability efforts with Yook’s extensive access to industry-leading product and supply chain data. Our platform integrates a vast array of industrial processes, environmental impacts, and materials along with their physical properties. This comprehensive system ensures you have the best data at your fingertips to make informed, eco-friendly design and purchasing decisions.

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Data quality assessment

Accuracy score

Not all data points are equally relevant. Therefore, our Accuracy Score is your north star to gather the data that matters. It evaluates your data availability and overall data quality. This covers product, company, supplier, proxy and emission factor data.

Prioritize data collection

Focus efforts on collecting high-impact data that significantly influences your environmental assessments.

Benchmark progress

Use the Accuracy Score to measure improvements and track advancements in data quality and sustainability performance over time.

Enhance transparency

Provide clear insights into your sustainability metrics, making it easier for stakeholders to understand and trust your environmental claims.

Ensure compliance

Stay ahead of regulatory demands by maintaining high data integrity, ensuring that your sustainability reporting meets current standards.

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We turned LCA methodologies into software

Do you want to dive deeper? The underlying methodology is continuously updated and is publicly documented.

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