Unlock sustainable innovation with ecodesign functions

Harness the power of ecodesign to drive environmental sustainability and unlock new opportunities for innovation.

Ecodesign Simulations with Yook Software: Unleash Innovation by Running Carbon Footprint Simulations on Existing Products.
Snapshot of Yook software's Eco-design feature: A user running a Carbon Footprint simulation for a glove, comparing different materials to assess their environmental impact.


Unleash innovation with simulation

Analyze, optimize, and innovate with powerful simulation tools

  • Test and explore design scenarios for enhanced environmental performance
  • Consider eco-friendly materials, manufacturing processes, and end-of-life considerations
  • Scale seamlessly as your organization grows and priorities shift


Everything you need to design better products

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Strategic support along the way

Access trusted data, and receive expert guidance

  • Access reliable environmental data for informed decision-making
  • Foster transparency by understanding sustainability performance
  • Benefit from expert guidance for sustainable innovation
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Seamless integration for sustainable design

Integrate eco design into your workflow and collaborate effectively

  • Integrate with ERP, PIM, and PLM systems for streamlined processes
  • Engage suppliers in sustainable practices for holistic impact
  • Facilitate effective communication and collaboration
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Flexible implementation tailored to your needs

Tailor our solution to your needs and scale your sustainability initiatives

  • Customize the software to align with your specific workflows
  • Start with key features and expand as goals evolve
  • Scale seamlessly as your organization grows and priorities shift
Yook software snapshot of SBTi alignment: Visualizing progress towards meeting the company's set SBTi targets.


Accelerate your SBTi journey

Empowering companies to set and achieve Science-Based Targets

  • Streamlined data collection: Simplify data collection for SBTi reporting, ensuring accurate and comprehensive data
  • Performance tracking: Monitor progress towards SBTi targets and measure the effectiveness of sustainability initiatives
  • Collaborative engagement: Engage stakeholders, suppliers, and partners in SBTi efforts through collaborative features
  • Actionable insights: Gain valuable insights from benchmarking and analysis to drive targeted improvements

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