Navigating compliance with confidence:
Reporting possibilities

Stay compliant and harness the power of comprehensive reporting to measure, manage, and communicate your sustainability achievements

Yook software showing a dashboard for scope 3 emissions reporting with different analysis on it like Scope 3 YOY analysis, scope 3 category performance and top contributors.

 Flexibly choose which framework should be applied to your calculations to meet differing regulatory and client requirements

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Automatically create reports that match specific reporting requirements

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Stay up to date as we monitor & implement regulatory and scientific developments

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Communicate easily through seamless integrations 

Yook software snapshot showing different calculation methodologiies like GHG Product or French Environmental Labeling


Ensure compliance and enhance sustainability

Yook's software ensures compliance with

  • EU Product Environmental Footprint
  • Affichage Environnemental
  • Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism
  • CSRD / GHG
  • Environmental Product Declaration
  • ISO14067
Yook software showing the scope 3 cetagory perfromance

Scope 3

Streamline scope 3.1 reporting

Efficiently track and report on your value chain emissions with confidence

  • Automatically collect and integrate data from suppliers, partners, and other relevant stakeholders
  • Identify and measure emissions hotspots across the value chain, enabling targeted reduction strategy
  • Generate comprehensive reports, visualizations, and benchmarks to communicate your Scope 3.1 emissions performance effectively
  • Access industry-standard emission factors and methodologies to ensure accurate calculations
Yook Software screenshot showing the benchmarking feature


Create transparency
among your stakeholders

Effective communication is at the heart of sustainability. Our streamlined communication tools empower you to engage with stakeholders and share environmental insights

  • Elevate your online presence with our integrated data, showcasing your commitment to sustainability
  • Infuse sustainability into every business interaction by seamlessly embedding environmental insights within your offers and invoices
  • Streamline your reporting process and make comprehensive sustainability reports effortless
  • Compare and evaluate your environmental performance against industry standards and competitors

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