Automatically consolidate and centralize your data

Yook seamlessly integrates with your existing systems to automatically import and synchronize data, ensuring a streamlined process for accurate lifecycle assessments. This eliminates manual data errors and allows for efficient, comprehensive environmental impact analysis

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Yook’s data engine

Streamline your data management for effortless product impact assessments

Yook simplifies data handling by automating integration from systems like PLM and ERP, enhancing accuracy with smart connectors, and providing comprehensive progress tracking.

Say goodbye to manual data entry

Yook automates imports and syncs data from any source, eliminating manual entry and minimizing errors. Compatible with any PLM, ERP systems, data warehouses, and Excel files.

Effortlessly handle complex data

We create custom connectors to organize your data using normalization logic and machine learning, feeding it into our LCA engine for thorough environmental impact assessments.

Identify and address data gaps

Yook flags missing data and gaps, replacing them with industry-standard data to ensure accurate assessments.

Monitor your progress

Stay informed about improvements to your account with our changelog, tracking new data, enhancements, and overall progress.

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